Dock Building and Construction

Our specialty is Coastal Regions of Georgia




Our Company has 25+ Years of Experience.

Site Inspection Provided by Our Experts

Permit Application and Preparation

Dock Planning and Permitting

Dock Supply & Construction will provide complete planning and permitting support for your marine construction project.  Our company team has developed an expertise in navigating the tangled process of waterfront permitting and have developed a solid reputation with the regulatory agencies throughout our coastal regions. The product of our experience and reputation are successful projects and satisfied clients.

Site Inspection

The process begins with our team’s preliminary site inspection. This gives us the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your ideas, and examine the building site. We will then be able to better determine any permitting issues for your site. We are the coastal marine dock experts.

Project Drawings

The next step is a developing a plan that will both meet your specific project vision and adhere to regulatory restrictions. Our team evaluates all of the information gathered from the site inspection, weighs the numerous variables and we then begin designing your project. Variables can include the job site environment, tidal range, bottom substrate, wave exposure, and water depth. This step produces the application drawings, a critical step towards the success of your permit.

Permit Application and Submittal

With over 25 years of marine construction experience allows us to thoroughly understand the steps required, anticipate concerns and know the “ins and outs” of preparing a permit application. With experience working with Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies, Dock Supply, Inc. and Construction has obtained permit approvals for thousands of docks over the past 25 years.

Your Project Advocate

Following the submittal of the dock permit applications to the regulatory agencies, they will often have questions regarding the proposed project plans. Dock Supply and Construction will represent you throughout the application process by providing responses to any agency questions in an effort to expedite their review and achieve final permit approval.